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AIRDROPx is your unlimited airdrop solution

With AIRDROPx, ERC20, BEP20 and NFT projects can now send unlimited airdrops per month for one low fee.  Included in each subscription, is a listing on NSAVx, which includes two token pairs. Pair 1 is paired with USDT, ETH, BTC or BNB and Pair 2 is paired with NSAVx,  as well as the data for token pricing and volume published on CoinMarketCap via NSAVx API endpoints.


The power and wallet security, is now 100% in your control.

Welcome Aboard the AIRDROPx  Team!!

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All NSAVx Token Holders Receive Project Airdrops For FREE

(All NSAVx token holder drops Issued are to be held and not sold for a period of 14 days from date of receipt.  In the event this rule is not honored, the party that breaks this rule will be removed from participating in any further airdrops and they will be removed from the VIP Channel.)

Does your token project have 500 wallet holders or more? Stop paying over $8,500*  per airdrop.

According to the following ChatGPT question:
* Based on the ETH price on April 2, 2024

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The App
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About Us

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AIRDROPx has been developed on the NSAVx architecture which allows token and NFT projects on the Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Solana and Tron networks, to add their projects wallet holders addresses in a batch file and systematically airdrop unlimited tokens or NFTs to their wallet holders on a monthly basis.

In the event a project has not compiled their wallet holders in a data file, AIRDROPx will use our proprietary bot technology to datascrape the required information on behalf of the project.


How it Works (AIRDROPx)Step 1

AIRDROPx allows you to create an airdrop account so send unlimited tokens and NFTs  to your wallet holders.

Token & NFT Airdrops

Create Your AIRDROPx Account

Create your AIRDROPx profile and avatar. Include information about your token/NFT project.  This should include the token or NFT  name, symbol, contract address, network, decimals and supply.

Select Your Package

Select the AIRDROPx package and begin sending airdrops within 24-hours. First, we will list your token or NFT project. Second,  you will upload your CSV file for airdrops and finally, you will list your token/NFT and complete your airdrop.

Upload Your Wallet Holders

Upload your wallet holders as a CSV file.  In the event your wallet holders are not in a data format, use our DATA BOT to create your wallet holder file.

How it Works (AIRDROPx)Step 2

Token Deployment

List Your Token on NSAVx

Please provide us your token information, including token symbol, smart contract address, blockchain network, total supply, and circulating supply.  Within 12-hours of submission, your token will be listing on NSAVx.

More NSAVx Information CLICK HERE

Create Your Order Book

Once your Token/NFT is listing on NSAVx, you will need to create your order book. The order book is a list of buy and sell orders for a specific cryptocurrency at various price levels on the NSAVx exchange.

Create Order Book

More NSAVx Information CLICK HERE

Launch Your Token/Airdrop

Now that you have listed your Token/NFT project on and uploaded your projects wallets addresses, you are now ready to launch your airdrops.  Use the AIRDROPx dashboard to select the wallet holders that receive your airdrops.

Launch Token/Airdrop
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